donation success

Thanks for your Donation

We are very grateful to the generous King Township Community –and beyond–who are entirely the source of our food and funds. Through the energy of schools, sports groups, churches and community groups we receive food donations, and through the generosity of businesses, organizations and individuals we receive the necessary funds and in-kind donations to meet our needs.

Over 92% of directly donated dollars goes into the purchase of food.

The King Township Food Bank started distribution in January 2005. Incorporation occurred in July on 2010, followed by registration as a federal charity.

Our mandate is to provide a week’s worth of non-perishable groceries as well as pet kibble and fresh fruit and vegetables to those who are clients of the Food Bank. This happens once a month at three centres across King.

Registrants need only offer proof of residency, and we offer the alternative of food cards. This is especially helpful to those with dietary restrictions. We are proud of this improvement in service and know of no other Food Bank in Canada that offers this degree of dignity to their registrants.

The King Township Food Bank is run entirely by volunteers who bring dedication and considerable professional skills for the betterment of the organization. We are grateful for them.