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Together We Feed: Strengthening King Township One Meal at a Time

Welcome to King Township Food Bank, where our commitment is deeply rooted in ensuring food security for every resident in need within our community. Established with the heartful goal of alleviating hunger, we diligently work to provide a week’s supply of non-perishable foods, food cards, fresh produce, pet kibble, and paper products monthly to those registered with us. At the core of our mission is a belief in not just feeding but nourishing our community, creating a space where dignity, care, and compassion lead our efforts to make King Township a place where no one goes hungry.

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Our mission

Our mandate, evey month, is to provide a week of non-perishable foods, food cards, fresh produce, pet kibble and paper products to residents of King Township who seek assistance through registration with us

Our vision

At the King Township Food Bank, we envision a community where every resident enjoys the peace of mind that comes with reliable access to healthy food. By providing essential food items and supplies each month, we are committed to not just meeting immediate needs but also fostering a sense of community solidarity and mutual care.

Our story

Since its inception in 2004, King Township Food Bank (KTFB) has been dedicated to addressing food insecurity in our community. Starting with preboxed food provisions and evolving to include fresh produce and food cards for greater choice and dignity, KTFB has adapted to the changing needs of those it serves. Thanks to the unwavering support of our community and the dedication of our volunteers, we have overcome financial challenges and expanded our services, continually striving to ensure that no one in our community goes hungry. Learn more about our journey and how you can be part of our mission below.

Government Funding

Paid Staff

Run by unpaid volunteers

Community Supported

Our Journey: Growing and Adapting to Serve Our Community

Since opening our doors in 2004, the King Township Food Bank (KTFB) has been on an incredible journey, evolving and expanding to meet the changing needs of our community. We began with a simple yet meaningful offering of preboxed food and funds for essentials like milk and eggs. Recognizing the varied needs of those we serve, we soon added pet kibble and more economical bulk bathroom tissue to our packages.

Our path has been shaped by both challenges and triumphs. As the demand for our services grew, we encountered financial strains, prompting us to innovate with events like the Sip & Savour fundraiser. These efforts, coupled with the generous support from organizations like Hillside Farms, enabled us to include fresh produce in our food offerings—a significant step towards providing more wholesome and varied options.

A pivotal moment in our history was the introduction of food cards, which marked a shift towards offering dignity and choice to our beneficiaries. This initiative was widely embraced, allowing individuals to make their own food choices while maintaining their independence.

Balancing the need for quality food with financial sustainability led to strategic decisions, such as temporarily reverting to preboxed food. Through these adjustments, the incredible support from our community has been a constant, ensuring we meet our goals and remain a self-sustaining, volunteer-led organization.

The heart of KTFB has always been its people—the board members, volunteers, and the community we serve. Their dedication and tireless efforts have enabled us to grow and adapt. As we continue on our mission, we remain committed to evolving in ways that best serve our community’s needs.

We are always looking for passionate individuals to join us in our efforts. Whether you’re interested in volunteering, contributing ideas, or supporting us in other ways, your involvement can make a real difference in the lives of those we serve. If you feel inspired to be a part of our mission, we warmly invite you to reach out. Join us in our ongoing journey to ensure no one in our community goes hungry. Contact Carol Ann at 416-559-7898, ktfoodbank@gmail.com, or 905-806-1125 to learn how you can be a part of this rewarding work.

Our Volunteers

At the King Township Food Bank, our strength lies in the commitment and diversity of our board members and volunteers. Comprising individuals from various professional backgrounds and life experiences, our board members bring a wealth of expertise and dedication, guiding our strategic direction and ensuring our operations align with the community’s needs. Alongside them, our volunteers are the backbone of our daily activities, offering their time, skills, and compassion to every task. From organizing food drives to directly assisting those in need, their tireless efforts and unwavering commitment are pivotal in fulfilling our mission to alleviate hunger in our community. Each member of our team, whether on the board or in the field, plays a crucial role in making a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.

Board of Directors

President:  Carol Ann Trabert
Treasurer:  Carol Ann Trabert
Secretary: Pat Johnston
Director of Operations: Gary Vogan
Distributor for Nobleton: Leona Zadoyko
Distributor for Kettleby: Pat Johnston
Distributor For King City:  Carol Ann Trabert
Community Liaison: Leona Zadoyko
Director of Fundraising: Meline Beach
Webmaster: Geoffrey Simpson
Fresh Food Coordinator: Geoffrey Simpson

You may contact any of the Board through our ‘contact us’ link—we will gladly direct your inquiry to the person named.


In addition to the Board, there are about 25 people who comprise the Distributor Teams,  Delivery Team, Collection Team, Pack Team, Depot Team and Fundraising Team.  We are grateful for all the volunteers who serve at the Food Bank, offering generously of their time and expertise.


The King Township Food Bank
is run entirely by volunteers.
We are grateful for the huge expertise that they bring to the organization through their professional and career skills, as well as their passion for continual improvement in our systems.