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We are here to Help You

At the King Township Food Bank, we understand that life can be unpredictable, and sometimes, making ends meet is a challenge. Whether you’re facing a temporary setback or a longer-term difficulty, we’re here to offer support. Our food bank provides a compassionate and respectful environment where you can receive a variety of food assistance, including non-perishable items, fresh produce, and essentials for your family and pets. We respect your privacy and dignity in every interaction and strive to accommodate any special dietary needs you may have. Our dedicated team ensures that every visit to our food bank is met with understanding and the assistance you need during tough times.

Need Help with Groceries? We're Here for You.

  • Your Privacy Matters: We understand the sensitivity of seeking help. Your identity remains confidential, and you have the option to collect your groceries anonymously.
  • What We Offer: Each month, we provide:
    • A week’s supply of non-perishable groceries
    • Fresh produce, and bathroom tissue
    • Pet food, diapers, toiletries, and dental items (subject to availability)
  • Where to Collect: Visit one of our centers in Kettleby, Nobleton, or King City on the third Saturday of each month.
  • New Here? Please call us before visiting. We prepare packages specifically for those expected.
  • Stay in Touch: Reach out to us at or call (905) 806-1125. We’re here to listen, confidentially.
  • Community-Supported: Our services are possible thanks to the generous donations from our community.

Remember, you can choose a center for pick-up that ensures your comfort and privacy.

How to Register with Us - Quick & Confidential

At King Township Food Bank, we recognize the need for privacy and confidentiality. You may even register anonymously through a trusted third party, like a church or school.

Our totally volunteer team is dedicated to serving those who struggle to make ends meet. We are here to help all who reside in King Township.

  • Step 1: Complete the Registration Form with your name, address, and contact information plus the details of family in your household. This includes you, with name, and date of birth. Click here for the Registration Form, and Information for Registrants.
  • Proof of Identity is required for you. However, be prepared to provide personal identification with name and address, such as health cards or driver’s license for all others on the registration form.
  • Confirm Your Residency This could be a driver’s license, utility bill, or any documentation that shows your name and address.
  • Step 2: Submit Your Form Once you’ve completed the form, forward it to us so we can process and order for you. You will be asked to sign and submit documentation (above) when you first receive food.
  • Expedited First Delivery If you require assistance before the next scheduled distribution date, we will gladly arrange an earlier delivery.
  • Annual Renewal is usually in the spring. We will remind you when it’s time to update your information.

Contact Us Our email is monitored several times a day; or call (905) 806-1125 and leave a message.

We value every call and email, treating each with the utmost confidentiality and care.

Food Distribution Made Easy and Confidential

  • Register First: Ensure you’re registered at one of our Distribution Centres to receive food.
  • Your Centre, Your Choice: You can transfer to a different Centre, but remember, food is only given out at your registered location.
  • When to Collect: Join us on the third Saturday of each month. Check with your Distribution Centre for hours. (December schedule varies).
  • Where to Go: We’re in King City, Kettleby, and Nobleton. Check the next distribution date here.
  • Pickup Privacy: For added privacy, feel free to collect from a Centre away from your neighborhood.
  • Need to Pause? If you don’t need our services temporarily, just give us a call with your name and Centre details.
  • Stay in Touch: Not contacting us about an absence may lead to removal from our files, meaning no food allocation the next month.

Your comfort and privacy are important to us at every step.

Diverse and Nutritious Food Assistance For You

  • Your Weekly Essentials: Each box contains a week’s worth of non-perishable items, plus pet kibble and toilet paper.
  • More Than Just a Box: Alongside, enjoy extras like cereal, crackers, cookies, peanut butter, and juice.
  • Seasonal Freshness: We include bread and fresh produce, with selections varying by season to ensure freshness.
  • The Green Box Program: Choose freely from a range of additional donated items, from artichokes to zucchini. Find unique extras like chocolate sauce and clam chowder.
  • Check the Dates: Some items, especially in the Green Box, may be past their best-by date. We encourage you to read labels for your safety.

We aim to provide variety and quality in our food assistance to meet your needs.

Understanding and Managing Best Before Dates

  • Best Before Dates – An Overview: You may find non-perishable foods in your box with or without best before dates.
  • Found an Item Past its Date? If you receive items past their best before date, let us know. We’ll happily exchange them at the next Distribution. Just provide us with a list of these items.
  • Replacement Items: The replacement food will be similar in nature but may not be the exact same as what you received.
  • Your Choice in the Green Box: Items selected from the Green Box are your choice, so they aren’t eligible for exchange.
  • Learn More About Food Safety:

Stay informed and safe with our guidance on best before dates and food quality.


Email us at or call the Food Bank line (905) 806-1125 and leave a number where you can be reached.  Every call is handled confidentially.

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Toronto Social Services & Resources

Looking for social services and resources in the city of Toronto and area? HelpSeeker is a free network offering over 11,000 social services, programs, resources, helplines, and benefits across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area in areas including shelter and housing, domestic violence, food services, and others.

Christmas in King

Christmas in King (CiK) is run entirely by volunteers with a mandate to offer everyone in King Township a happy holiday season. We know that many people manage without support for 11 months of the year, but December can tip the scales severely. You do not need to be registered with the King Township Food Bank to receive CiK benefits.

CiK is a separate organization, but relies on the support of KTFB; the two organizations partner to share holiday cheer with all who let us know we can help.