Our mandate, every month, is to provide a week of non-perishable foods, food cards, fresh produce, pet kibble and paper products to residents of King Township who seek assistance through registration with us.


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King’s Catholic Schools and King Firefighters Fill the Shelves at the Food Bank

Jun 15, 2020

The students and families of King’s Catholic Elementary Schools, Holy Name, St. Mary and St. Patrick donated over 60 bins of food from a special list of requested items by stopping by each (closed) school entrance. The value of the combined total from the three schools in this single day drive was over $4500, making this one of the largest single day drives the Food Bank has ever received. With the focus being strictly on items the Food Bank can use, this was an enormous help. King’s firefighters from all three stations collected the food at the schools and delivered to the Depot in Kettleby, and it would have been very difficult to accomplish this any other way. The Food Bank sends a big shout out to King’s Firefighters in Nobleton, Schomberg and King City for their help. And they especially thank the school principals, Tony Tata, Loretta Barone and Lori Piccoli, for their initiative and the organizing of the drive.